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Newton's third law and attraction

  1. Nov 29, 2014 #1
    Is the force of attraction between an electron and a proton in a hydrogen atom a example of action and reaction to which newton's 3rd law applies?
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    Yes it is.
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    Tks. :D Is it the same as the centripetal force keeping a satellite in orbit and its weight?
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    Principle action=reaction always applies. Electron motion (orbits) in a hydrogen atom must be quantized however. Classical mechanics isn't enough
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    I would say the concept of force is a bit moot at this scale.
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    The centripetal force keeping a satellite in orbit is its weight. The third law partner of this is the force with which the satellite pulls on the earth, keeping the earth in its orbit about the satellite.
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    It doesn't apply to fictitious forces.
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