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No idea how to solve this

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    can somebody please tell me if there is any way to find all values of k for which 6k2+4k is of form 6ab+5a+b? eg. for k=1, 6k2+4k=10=6x0x2+5x2+0
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    I might have misunderstood the question, but Based on what you made a=2 and b=0. Can you give them any value you want?
    In that case can't you always make a=0, b= (6K 2 +4k)?
    So that 6k2+4k is always of the form 6ab+5a+b, where K is any rational number.
    eg. for k=1, 6k2+4k=10=6x0x10+5x0+10
    Or should I just go back to my lunch:wink:
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    yeah sorry about that, but a can't be 0. has to be a integer>0. b,though can be >=0
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