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Noobie alert

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    Hello everyone :)

    ok , so , after watching the two slit experiment i am wondering basically what is going on !!

    quantum tunnling , entanglement observation and other things iv not yet understood , all this light particle / wave stuff ????? Things seem to be abit different than in a schoolboy physics kinda.

    having had lucid dreams and believing in subconscious spaces this has got me wondering what is going on :)

    the subject ' analogue and digital ' came to light the other day for me which i kindof understood :)

    quantum physics to me and millions of others is ust time travel mumbo jumbo :) it seems when this is explained to the public on tv programs it should be explained in a more "childlike" way ( cartoon youtube vids) for it to be discovered...... Instead of learnt :)

    its the collapse of the wave/ photon when the twin is observed that i find hard to grasp ....... And it can be done at any distance.... Hard to believe:)

    iv really no idea what im talking about lol.....but i smell something fishy and realize this fishy smell has been around for about 100 years ( 1927 i think ) lol.

    ok enough chit chat I'll see people around the forums have a good new year :)
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    Welcome to PF! I see you've already found the right place to ask your QM-related questions, so anyone who might want to respond to them, should look for your thread(s) in the Quantum Physics forum instead of trying to respond to them here.
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    thank you :)
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    There is a video that recreates the double slit experiment with a vibrating bed of water that represents space-time and a silicon drop that represents the electron. In the experiment it shows that the drop rides around in the center trough of its ripple pattern. When the drop passes through the slit the ripple pattern is refracted and the drop merely follows along. I'm not sure if this is exactly representative of what happens in the real double slit experiment but it is interesting.
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    This has been discussed extensively here, for example in this thread:


    It's an interesting analogy for some aspects of quantum behavior, but it's not the "real thing."

    And again, further discussion belongs in our Quantum Physics forum, because people who know something about this are more likely to be reading that forum than this one.
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