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Not Understanding Derivative Notation

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    In my Classical Mechanics book, one of the example problems makes a step that I do not understand. The steps are in the picture in the attachment. I do not understand how the left hand side goes from what it is in the first step to what it is in the second step. I have a poor understanding of Leibniz notation, so please keep that in mind in your responses.

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    This is just taking the product rule in reverse.

    [tex]2 \dot x \ddot x = 2 v v' = (v v' + v' v) = (v^2)'[/tex]
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    Wow thanks. I do not know why that had me so stumped. I should probably sleep more.

    Also, I just realized this probably should've been posted elsewhere. I was doing mechanics so I just went straight to the mechanics section. Apologies to anyone reading this.
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