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Notebook with plain white printing paper?

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    For some reason I feel very restricted with using lined paper in notebooks. I think I could organize my thoughts better and take better notes with just plain white paper. If they're loose, I'd lose them and/or crumple them unintentionally.

    Are there any notebooks out there that are reasonably priced? Or is there a way to make it yourself because I can't imagine it would be that hard. I already have the paper; I would just need some kind of binding.
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    Copy stores, such as Kinkos typically offer a couple of different types of binding. But, I would look for artist's sketch books. They're available in a variety of sizes and paper types.
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    You could always punch holes in it and put it in a three ring binder.
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    Have you ever tried engineering pads? One side has handy graph lines and the other side is blank, though you can see the lines through the paper faintly. It is the nicest stuff, and it is available in tablets with the sheets punched for binders. I don't know how many tablets of that stuff I went through when I was a process chemist. A lot of my project work involved heat and mass balances around processes and water/condensate systems. The graph paper side was very handy for sketching out piping diagrams, valving options, etc, and annotating the diagrams with measured values. The plain side kept my writing neat, since the graph-paper side could be seen lightly through the sheet, giving me guide-lines.

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