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Nuclear Engineering and Chemistry Concern

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    Does nuclear engineering require a lot of chemistry? Chemistry is not my strongest subject simply because I chose to skip it in high school. So I just wanted to know if it was heavily ridden with chemistry. And if so what topics do I have to look forward to. ugh....
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    I got half way through a nuclear engineering degree course 40 years ago , at that time there was only one university doing this in the UK .... QMC London ... they have their own reactor near mile end.... Absolutely no chemistry in the course ...plenty maths ..., elect eng... nucl. physics , and for some strange reason aeronautical eng.
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    Thanks for the reply! This is at least half good to hear (since you only got half way through)! lol
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    If you can remember 1 weight percent boric acid is 1750 ppm boron, you'll probably be OK. Unless you want to work in the chemistry dept, you can probably pick up the chemistry you need "on the job."
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    Okay committing that to memory!
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