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Nuclear Engineering from Physics

  1. Nov 25, 2013 #1
    So I should be graduating next year with an AA, BS in Physics, minor in math ~3.4/3.6gpa. GRE 55% verbal 87% qualitative 4 in writing with a Physics GRE score of 710 (~55%). Undergrad research along with an REU. I can probably retake the GRE as I have another year of undergrad left.

    With this being said, I will be able to read a book or two before applying to a Grad school for Nuclear Engineering (had academic scheduling problems which leaves me with time).

    My question is how do schools look at someone like me without a nuke/engineering degree? I feel I should state that I have read up on the subject and this should help, but in general?
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    In general, most nuclear engineering graduate schools will accept a student with a physics background as long as they have a competitive profile. You may have to take remedial classes in reactor physics and others depending on the program. Otherwise just apply and see what happens.

    Also, you can't learn nuclear engineering from reading a book or two. It doesn't work that way.
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    Hello there, I appreciate the response. I would say my profile is slightly above mediocure which is why I listed all of my stats. What do you think of where I stand? Perhaps my writing and letters will help in the acceptance. Also I know that reading these books and beccoming fluent in the concepts should account for something I'm sure we can agree.
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    I argue you should be fine. There are plenty of nuclear engineering graduate schools out there and your profile seems competitive at a glance. Most schools will not see the physics degree as a issue.

    Sending personal letters to the graduate school will probably not help your case. Most schools will only be concerned with the required materials for admission.
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    Forgot which sockpuppet you started the thread as, eh? Which account do you want to keep? It's against the rules to have more than one account.

    And no, you won't get credit for reading books.
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