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Nuclear Engineering in Australia

  1. Apr 30, 2015 #1
    I am currently in Grade 10 in Australia and wish to pursue a career as a Nuclear Engineer. And unfortunately, there are no universities in Australia that offer Nuclear Engineering as a degree. Instead, I would have to obtain a degree in any other form of engineering (Mechanical) or science, then study a Masters in Nuclear Engineering at UNSW. So I would end of with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters in Nuclear Engineering.

    To get a job in this field, I would have to work overseas where I am competing for jobs with others who hold a degree in Nuclear Engineering, whereas, I would only have a masters.

    Would I be at any disadvantage when it comes to being hired by companies because I would have a masters, and others would have full degrees?
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    What do you mean "full degrees", Kemosabe?
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    The way nuclear engineers degrees are set up, they're essentially more specialized versions of mechanical engineering (adding courses like reactor physics and whatnot); lots of mechanical engineers become nuclear engineers; I don't think a BS ME and a master in NE would hurt you in the job market.
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    Thanks. I was just worried that employers would pick those with a N.E. degree over one with a BS ME and a Masters in NE
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