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Nuclear Engineering or Electrical Engineering?

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    Well, I need some help to make a decision between Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Engineering, which major has better career?
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    Click Search at the top of the page and search the forum for Nuclear Engineering. I'm sure you'll find something.
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    If one is a good engineer, one can find a good career in either discipline.




    Take a look at the societies in IEEE

    What interests does one have in electrical engineering?

    Power systems and components (Power electronics), e.g. electrical generators, motors, T&D systems, relaying, switches
    Instrumentation & Measurement Electronics, meters and measuring devices
    Communications - Radio/Analogy or Digital
    Control Theory & Systems
    Dielectrics & Insulators
    Lasers & Electro-Optics
    Computer & Microelectronic
    Plasma Sciences & Engineering
    Robotics & Automation
    Ultrasonics & Ferroelectrics
    Electric Vehicles

    Or one could do a double major.
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