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Nuclear fusion

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    I need to know the applications of nuclear fusion, Is there anybody who could help?
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    Power generation and large bombs. Google will return LOADS of websites with general information. Is there anything specific you want to know?
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    Re: Power Generation - we're not there yet! Well not in terms of producing an amount of energy in excess of the energy put into initiating the fusion reaction.

    D+T fusion is used to produce neutrons.

    And there are unfortunately thermonuclear weapons.
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    Nuclear fusion might be able to supply us power in the future, take a look at http://www.iter.org/
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    Thank u all for ur asistance, well as gluonz said that i better have a look over wikipedia, i must say that no doubt the subjective site is out standing but I couldn't find my required stuff out there even after searching quiet long.
    But i hope liela's reference could help.
    Thx indeed again.
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    Plus another thing that i want to share is that, nuclear fusion reactors haven't constructed yet, thus nuclear fusion isn't nourishing us in power generation.
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    Fusion reactors have indeed been constructed, but they are for research purposes. It is true however, that a commercially viable fusion power reactor has yet to be perfected, or even one which produces a net amount of energy.
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