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Nuclear Reactors, Atom Smashers, and Particle Accelerators!

  1. Mar 30, 2013 #1
    What would be the difficulty of building each? I have read of Michio Kaku building an atom smasher (albeit it ruined the power flow to his house,) I have found a 200,000 volt generator so I presume that a particle accelerator would be possible, and my friend is currently working on a nuclear reactor. In addition to these, what other machines could be engineered that have something to do with physics?
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    That is a very bad idea.
    CRTs as small particle accelerators can be built at home. Don't try this with 200kV, however.
    Many things, but keep away from radioactive stuff, high-energetic particles, high voltage and other threats, if you don't have professional experience with them.
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    ^^^ Thanks man.
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    There should be no problem as long as you seek advice from people who know.
    i doubt you will be building a nuclear reactor at home as the critical mass requires enough radioactive material that even if you will try to get it the FBI and CIA will get you before that , but in the case of a particle accelerator all you need is design , plans circuitry etc and safe handling with high voltage and sufficient isolation from the radiation that will be produced when operating such a machine.
    Now about the high voltage and radiation shielding it is a must to consult a professional before or after or in the middle of something like this.
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    Actually the NRC and NNSA would probably get involved.
    If one builds a machine that produces radiation, there are certain thresholds at which one must notify state and federal authorities for appropriate permits.

    For example -

    In the UK - http://www.hse.gov.uk/radiation/ionising/certxray.htm
    Canada - http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/regs/english/elaws_regs_900861_e.htm

    With a license comes the obligation to observe mandatory safety measures, e.g.,

    Nuclear reactors require special nuclear material. One must obtain licenses to construct and operate a nuclear reactor, as well as possess special nuclear material.
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    Well the CIA and FBI were just an analogy for someone who would come knocking on your door when the "teapot" is starting to boil too hard.

    Woa Astronuc either you have these sites written down links kept in your computer all the time or you have done some respectful effort in searching them.
    Either way i think the OP got his "starters" information.
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    Absolutely, thanks Crazymechanic and Astronuc
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    also u need miles of copper wire
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