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News Nuclear secret violation->Jail

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    Nuclear secret violation-->Jail

    What do you think of both cases that were put in the media in the last months...Vanunu Mordechai, nuclear technician (put in jail in Israel for having given infos to a US newspaper about nuclear secrets, 18 years)and Adamov Evgueni, ministriy of nuclear power, deported from Swizterland to Russia, because found guilty by both Washington and Moscow (hence, we(I mean I feel like->don't see the forces opposed in the new conflict, because the old blocks (W vs E) and axes (N vs S) seem to be dismounted and mixed up..(?)...for fraud, power abuse, or maybe other problems....

    Moreover new scientists, such as nuclear biologists seem to begin to have the same problems and need to reject any fraudulent (or wanted to be fraudulent) news about any kind of nuclear bioengineering....Weird and frightening in some sense (some secret coalition between Vanunu and Adamov for knowledge (maybe they want to build the fictional Akadomenskaia somewhere ??..we don't even know who "they" are...)...(in some sense this reminds of Einstein's world gov. that forcedly we cannot know where it has it's centralized, or non-local (by definition) part...)..

    Happy New Year (15. of January for Orthodoxes, and other dates for other beliefs and calendars)
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    Do you have any links for those of us who don't know what you're talking about?
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    As far as I know, Mordechai Vanunu more or less confirmed that Israel had a nuclear weapons program, that Israel denies, but he has not reveale specifics of the nuclear weapons, which are the real secrets.

    As for Adamov, no surprise. That whole ministry is riddled with corruption. I did some consulting on a program through one of the national labs, and work got stalled because the Russian officials wanted to milk the US for more money. I heard the stories about Russian officials showing up in Switzerland and western Europe with way more money than they earned, and the people (the little guys) who actually did the work, got the shakedown by the bosses and middle managers - pretty much like the mafia.
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    vanunu is already in wikipedia, but about adamov you can find articles by googling.
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