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Off the top of your head can someone name a pic micro...

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    off the top of your head can someone name a pic micro that has a adc, Ethernet and open tcp stack available for it. preferably in dip package, 40 pin is all my programmer can handle.

    I figure I should do something with my time so why not get started on my aquarium project.
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    What about a raspberry PI instead? Or an arduino?
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    I only have a pic programmer, no jtag or anything like that.
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    that site wasn't quite what I was looking for but thanks anyway.

    does someone have a recent issue of circuit cellar or elecktor that has a small dev board with usb programmable flash mcu, Ethernet and a adc, an open tcp stack and free c compiler, maybe I'm asking too much but it ain't like it's pie in the sky, if it's usb programmable it prob has a bootloader already on it. i'll get a pcb made but don't have the tools to soldar a soc outline chip.

    I really don't want to buy a tcp stack, compiler and a bunch of books to figure out how to use it, someone got a simpler solution? plus I'm poor, I can only spend at most $200 on this total.
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    I went back to that site you suggested and saw this unfurtunitly it's discontinued:
    10 bit adc will give 1024 levels of resolution and that should be fine, it has 9 I/o pins and I guess I can extend that with a bcd mux but the bad part is I have to buy another programmer. I guess all of this is a moot point since they no longer make it.
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    I just sent off an email to microchip asking for all docs and software for this chip as well as the pickit 3 programmer hopefully the still have this stuff on cd.
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