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Oh S*&#!

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    Damn, in my back yards are some woods. Behind those woods are some houses. I was going out for lunch and saw all this smoke in the air. Then I got 911 ready on my cell phone just incase and drove to check it out. As I was driving down a Blackhawk helicopter started circling around. Then I could see this house engulfed in FLAMES! There were 50 fire trucks all around. That house was TOASTED! The whole house was one big burning wreck :frown: That was my event for the day.
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    A black hawk heilcopter was there!Did terroist attack that house or somthing I thought black heilcopters where only used the milltary and it's illgeal for them to operate within the US
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    It was a military helicopter, not olive drab, it was glossy white with black and gold trim. There are alot of Hueys and Blackhawks that fly government VIP's around town. I think this one was flying by and saw the smoke and started to circle. They operate within the US on a daily basis. I ride my bike down in dc sometimes. The department of homeland security has a black blackhawk that they fly VERY low and VERY fast around dc. U can see the guys sitting out the open doors with their H&K machine guns hanging out the side doors. Its SWEET. Its like an airshow as you ride your bike.


    This one flys around dc, but it was not the one that flew over today. Still cool though. That road right next to the river where that one car is (near the tail rotor) and passes under the bridge has a bike trail that connects all the way from Mt. Vernon, to Regan, to Georgetown, to Bathesda Maryland. If you ride down that trail you get to see all sorts of low flying airplanes all day long. Its awesome.
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    Chi Meson

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    I used to ride that bike path during the 70s and 80s when we lived in Northern VA. I never got to see an air show! And "Reagan" will always be "National" to me. And Tyson's Corner used to be a corner (Now it's TWO huge shopping malls). And people used to drive the speed limit onthe parkway. And (Get this) the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, part of the beltway, and one of the most heavily traveled sections of roadway in the country, it used to be a DRAWbridge! Can you belive that?
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    WHAT!? Thats a parkway!? I thought that was a racetrack. I love to zip down that thing at like 100mph. Its an amazing drive! Those roads are like silk, I sware they are amazing.

    The airport is still national to me too. No one calls it regan here.

    Sure you did, just go to graveley point or haines point!
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    This reminds me of a comedy routine I heard a while back about the Alanis Morrisette song "Ironic." Something to the effect of:

    Rain on your wedding day isn't ironic; it's unfortunate. Naming the national airport after the man that laid off all the airline workers is ironic.
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