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Old and young,young and old and old and young

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    3 colored species (one species but 3 colors):old and young,young and old and old and young

    mate with old
    mate withyoung
    mate withold

    anyone know I would want to find the percentage number of genes common in the offspring ? you know ?
    I am so very worried that the whole family have the 60-70% common gene. please tell me.
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    Re: Nested

    I see none body want read my thread. I asking a question, I only see viewing 2 for this thread. Genetics is amazing!
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    Re: Nested

    Sorry, your question makes no sense. There are no "old" genes and "young" genes.
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    Re: Nested

    Sorry and thank for reply, "old and young" mean one species different phenotype, the color is the phentype.
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    Re: Nested

    You have not provided any sort of coherent question that can be answered, and certainly not enough information to know anything about gene frequencies. I still don't know what you mean by young and old. Age has nothing to do with heritability.
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