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Omicron Dirana Vs. Megger IDAX 350

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    HI everyone,

    I would like to know which a better testing equipment for Dielectric frequency response. Is it Omicron Dirana or Megger IDAX 350

    Thank you!
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    First welcome to PF.
    It depends what you need to do and what you mean by “better”.

    You will need to do some work first. Once you have specified your requirements you can tabulate the price and specifications of each unit against your requirements. If one product meets your requirements “better” than the other then the answer is easy. If you can't decide, buy the lowest cost unit, or toss a coin.

    Links to the product specifications would help, but without knowing your requirements the data is not much use.
    Post your tabulated data with questions about specifications that you do not understand.
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