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(?) on creating a see through monitor and keyboard?

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    Could this be done and how hard would it be to do?
    I'm always hungry for see through for see through things like I have a see through usb hub and a see through prison tv that i got while yard-saling.
    I saw a this video on YouTube-(DIY transparent see through (Holographic) LCD screen). It showed me how to but the monitors lighting was crappy.
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    Simon Bridge

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    There are LCD/touchscreens that are see-through ... it's a film on glass.
    Quality depends a great deal on lighting but these products already exist.
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    Ten or twenty years ago there were LCD panels you would connect to your computer and lay on top of overhead projectors so you could display what was on your computer screen to a whole class. Those were completely see through, except for the plastic frame holding it. Maybe you could find one of those cheap if you searched. If you put a modest light behind that panel it might look like a transparent monitor.

    Or Google for
    cheap video projector
    and find one that is in your price range. Build a transparent screen or box from acrylic with one side "frosted" and use the projector to put the image onto that side.

    Or if you want to go steampunk, Google for
    mechanical television
    and build a motorized spinning mirror to sweep a beam of laser light across the surface of your transparent box, but for authentic steampunk you would need to use frosted glass rather than acrylic. You would also need someone with some electronics background to build the circuitry to translate the vga signal to laser output.
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