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(?) on making your on liquid cooling system?

  1. Jul 17, 2012 #1
    I was interested in liquid cooling system for my computer tower and had a few (?)s
    1. How can i make my own liquid cooling system?
    2. Is it cheaper than fans?
    3. can i make a liquid cooling system cheaply?
    4. Does it look cooler than fans?
    5. If i can make my own liquid cooling system can i do it without touching or monkeying around with my cpu and heat sink?
    6. Is making a homemade liquid cooling system worth my time?
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  3. Jul 18, 2012 #2
    I recommend checking out the Steam hardware forums for information.

    Liquid cooling is more expensive than fans unless you have your own machine shop with a milling machine. It's also of dubious value unless you are an extreme overclocker or want a computer to last a really long time or run especially quiet or operate in extreme environments.

    And, no, you cannot install a liquid cooling system without completely removing the existing heatsink.
  4. Jul 18, 2012 #3
    1) You will need to get some sort of a radiator to dissipate heat, a pump to circulate the coolant a few pipes to connect pump>cpu>radiator>pump. I would suggest buying the piece that sits on top of the cpu instead of trying to cut one yourself, its not worth the time and effort. That's basically all you need. I would suggest you Google "home made cpu water cooling" for more detailed guides on how to accomplish this task
    2) No, its more expensive. You get stock heat sink/fan combo's packaged with all retail CPU purchases, no extra cost.
    3) If you are lucky and you can get all the parts at a bargain, then yes you can but still expect it to cost at least around 100 bucks and a LOT of time on your part to put everything together.
    4) Maybe, depends on what you end up getting. Some of the newer fans have LED lights built into them and can light up your case and what not. This really depends on what you get. It may be better looking, then again it may be rubbish looking. Depends on what you have.
    5) You MUST remove the heat sink/fan that currently resides on top of your CPU. once you remove this you will install a different "heat sink" on top of the CPU that will circulate the coolant over the CPU. You cannot use the existing heat sink.
    6) Well depends, a modest water cooling system will cost maybe around $250. The shopping for parts, the assembly, cleaning the leaks, testing and making sure the coolant doesn't leak onto other components of the system is a lot of work. Unless you are trying to do something that is not possible with commercially available products, I don't think its worth your time and effort to have a home-made water cooking system.
    That said, NOTHING will teach you better about how stuff work than doing it yourself.
  5. Jul 19, 2012 #4
    I volunteer at mission central tearing down electronics for recycle and can get free stuff. I many tear down computers though and if you know of any part that i could save to make one instead of buying them that would be verry helpful :)
  6. Jul 19, 2012 #5
    1) Seal the hard drives (or get SSD) and drop the whole machine in cooking oil. It's not conductive and will cool really well via conduction.

    2) Probably not, fans are a few dollars each.

    3) Same question as 2.

    4) Subjective.

    5) If using oil, take the fan off the cpu heatsink and it's all fine. If using water in some kind of tube, you need a new heat sink. You do not need to touch the cpu unless you are one of those special people that can't detach the fan from the processor and instead end up yanking the cpu out still attached to the heat sink. They are dying breed these days now as they don't have real pins anymore.

    6) Subjective.
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