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On what does temperature depend ?

  1. Dec 31, 2015 #1
    Does temperature depend on the kinetic energy, or internal energy ??
    Does it only depend on the movement of the molecules, or also the potential energy of molecules??
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    What have you already found by searching? You'll get better answers if you tell us more about what you already know.
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    What I found when I google this question :
    "Temperature is the measurement of the average kinetic energy of particles, not just their speed. Recall that kinetic energy depends on mass as well as speed. Particles in a metal doorknob do not move as fast as particles in air."

    Internal Energy = Kinetic energy of the molecules + Potential energy of the molecules
    So, does this mean it only depend on the kinetic energy which is in the internal energy ??
    I thought it's because the collision between molecules that dissipates some heat.
    Then, what if a man run very fast? Will the temperature increase? Moving man doesn't mean that the particle move faster, right? (maybe)
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    its more than just the collision of molecules ... go even smaller

    think of all the things happening in the human body in such a circumstance .... what do you think they are ?

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