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Online chemistry summer class

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    Would any one here recommend attending chemistry (high school) summer class online?

    My high school freshman wants to go to summer school, but it conflicts with marching band; therefore, she plans to take the class online.
    I suggest she takes world history, but she thinks it will be too much reading for the summer.
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    I've never heard of high schools offering online classes, but there's no reason she shouldn't take advantage of such classes if they are available.

    If the choice is simply between chemistry and world history -- and both classes must eventually be taken anyway -- then let her pick which one she would like best. The biggest disadvantage of distance learning is that it requires the student to have a good bit of self-motivation. If she enjoys the class she's taking, she'll put more effort into it.

    Also, I'd expect any high-school chemistry class to include some lab work. If the online class omits the lab work, perhaps it's not a good choice. The lab work is often the most entertaining and engaging part of the course.

    - Warren
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    Personally I've found that in a high school history class there isn't anything that I couldn't learn by just reading the textbook.

    As far as chemistry goes I find that I learn it better when I have someone lecture the material first.

    Of course this varies from person to person so there's no guarantee that she is the same way.
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    Same situation --suggestions welcome!

    I am in the identical situation -- my 10th grader wants to take chemistry this summer so she can go ahead and take the AP. her adviser suggested she take a course at a community college but i can't find one that doesnt start before she gets out of school. if anyone knows of a good college online course for entry level chem, please let me know. or if there is a particular text that you think is a good one to study from, that would be helpful too! thanks all - amira
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