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Open for skepticism

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    ok long story short
    have seen more then 1 very unusual objects in the sky that A> hover silently, and B> bank @ 45 degrees relative to earth at a due west pointed direction, causing uplift in a clockwise motion changing both altitude and vertical acceleration and no horizontal acceleration along with switch in direction from compass bearing west to an approx angle 9 degrees north of east (going from facing direct west, gaining altitude and accel only in a vertical direction, turning 90 -100 degrees clockwise in the process..) this was one crazy event i will remember for the rest of my life, it happen july 14, 07 in michigan and it was 235 in the am. what ever it was was so close, I could have thrown a baseball at it and hit it.
    it was a U shape with a point so like a combo of a U and a V, no sound, i ran towards the thing and got to the back yards where it was at and when i got there (i sprint fast back run to see what it was) it then banked and change its position and then was headed slowly due northeast about 9 degrees and had went from being close in proximity to about 5-10times the origional height (the object was about 5x-10x smaller then initially seen from close to ground, hovering about 25ft above the top of the tree, maybe 30-40ft above the powerline
    it was about 100ft away
    if i could take a good guess, the wingspan of it i have yet to determine, but I have been doing a lot of physics stuff lately so I may go back to the property and measure my location relative to earth and the displacement of the object during that time and since I had 4 different positions on it I am sure I could come up with an altitude, and size of the object.

    all i know is it was not from around here that is quite certain, never ever seen anything like that, and you would think differently until you saw the same, because i know for certain others have seen stuff and have people who hear them talk about it be like "yeah that person is a wack job" but i know im not crazy.

    Did not know what much to take from that.....

    2nd event was more weird yet, cannot say who or what may have been hovering about the neighborhood in a translucent thick cape/robe/hoodie? all I know is it floated in from the left, remained constant, stood still but looked around the room and looked at me, and was checking stuff out in the living room... one more thing, w/e this person was looked ancient, like really ancient, like walking with a staff ancient and a cape and robe/ hood, looked very baggy and thick... I have not been able to find much out more about this, it had no facial hair, had a humungous nose like bigger then the guys in the geiko caveman commercials, and the nose had a bridge between the beady eyes that looked either busted or eratically abnormal between the eyes( it came out at a 90 degree angle perpindicular to the face, as oppose to some nose like mine who is more of a 45 degree angle down ward from the eyes) not to mention the size of the nose, was huge. but the person had elongated fingers/knuckles/ think possibly it was a tall person due to the fact they had a walking stick and all i could see across the front of the stick was the segment of fingers from mid knuckle to end of knuckle (i have big hands and my hands you would have to atleast have it size from the base of the knuckle to the end knuckle, along with the middle knuckle to be the size of his hands) you all can think w/e you want
    i just question what the heck was it, you know I know what it was, i just cannot figure the reasoning behind why me and why the time must have been right at that instant... but w/e onto physics
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    Just some things I like to keep in mind.

    1) You actually can have no idea how far away an object is unless you have a point of reference for the size (that is, you cannot tell the difference between a jumbo jet and a model airplane unless you can identify it, judge its real size, and estimate a relative distance, or unless it passes between objects of known size (say, a paper airplane passing between two trees).

    2) Things like flares, lanterns, and who knows what else can lead to some really odd-looking phenomena when seen at night in the sky.
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    OK, let's just back up here a second...

    You're saying that something completely unearthly came up to your window and peered in, looking right at you long enough for you to pick out small details...

    ...and your reaction was "Gee, what the heck is that?"

    No peeing your pants; no screaming like a little girl; no running in the opposite direction until your feet are worn down to nubs?

    Sorry. Doesn't add up.
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    I would not joke about this, it was clear as day. It obviously was floating, but there was snow out on the ground, and I ran out to check for foot prints, and nothing. I didn't piss my pants because I was froze in amusement to what I was seeing and wondering how this could be happening, but like I say i cant explain it.
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    not from how far away it was from me, i know it was close, I ran past it in three different locations relative to my position to earth, relative to the object position to me relative to earth, the object didn't change accel upward until I got from point a to point b, to point c, and finally when i got to point d it had changed although i did not see where it had changed because the next thing i did was run back to point c and looked up and I watched it go right above my head about 5 - 10x the height it orig. seen at. I have a snow day from school tomorrow so I am possibly going to go out and measure the coordinates and see if I can get a possible coordinate for where it was and then find the distances from my 3 out of 4 locations to get a distance. although, the time i ran back to c it changed position so i would have to use my best guestimate.
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    it was not un earthly
    it obviously was man of ancient origin not like giantopithocis or w/e but it looked ancient, had ancient looking close, and a walking stick/staff which also had detail of great oldness look to it, at first, i looked to make sure it was not bones like death with the hatchet on the end of the stick, and it was not, so i just sat here where I am sitting now, typing this, in basically a daze watching this going on wondering if someone was peeking in or if it was a sign of some sort or what to take from it.. not sure but has not happened since.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thanks for sharing your story. If it wasn't a dream or hallucination, then we can offer no particular explanation.

    Subject closed.
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