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Open loop rankine cycle with no condenser

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    I'm working on a small scale parabolic trough concentrator project to generate electricity.
    This electricity is used for pumping water for irrigation,and I want to use an open loop Rankine cycle with no condenser(if it is applicable),to reduce cost,with the steam exhausting directly into the atmosphere.
    So is it applicable? and how much the efficiency is decreased in this case?
    Please provide me with detailed explanation if possible

    Thank you
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    If you are trying to power an irrigation system, it would seem that the amount of water available is rather limited. Venting exhaust steam to atmosphere would be rather wasteful in this situation, IMO, and would reduce the amount of water actually delivered to the crop.
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    This is a small scale project,the surface of the terrain is small,the system will function a few hours,so the amount of water lost is not huge.the idea is to check if removing the condenser and saving its cost, is beneficial in this application or not,although the efficiency of the rankine cycle will decrease .The question is how much will it decrease and is it worth removing the condenser ,in this case.
    This system need to be as simple as possible,It will be used in rural areas.
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