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Medical Opium for future Lovely Lives

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    Using the MU1 and Kappa1 and all those receptors with diacetylmorphine or maybe other opium extracts, could we in the future live in a constantly satisfied, painless existance? Less Pain More Gain, intellectually?
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    In other words, live in a drug induced stupor. :rolleyes: Gee, who wouldn't want to live in a constant state of diminished mental capacity?
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    What exactly is the "gain" one would be achieving?
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    Some are dreaming of brain washed people. :rolleyes:
    Work to pay their opium, endlessly without any thougth or resistance! The perfect citizens!
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    go figure

    Use the opioid receptors to diminish pain and increase pleasure... F.. Gain being, theoretically, more time to think, heh.
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    _You_ might be interested in www.hedweb.org .

    For the rest, it's worth noting that beyond the rhetoric, the site actually possesses a vast web of interconnected paper abstracts about pharmacology, etc, that I have found intriguing and useful (mostly as a diving board for further research).

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    Oh my god, what was the book where they did that? Its classic SF. Maybe it was Brave New World?
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    Bringing down sensory stimuli will diminish intelligence and memory. v_v

    Simply seen with people who have eidetic memory.
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    Has it been rigorously shown that it is the introversion in individuals with eidetic memory that stunts their intelligence, as opposed to a mutual biochemical basis? It seems to me something like a naturally lowered threshold for LTP/STP could compromise intelligence by causing false positives in reasoning or predisposing one to digressions into familiar reasoning tracts, if not just fouling the delicate balance of preservation and elimination that is necessary to cull important patterns from noise in learning.
    Plenty of intelligent people have been opiate abusers, many used it for inspiration - see Edgar Allan Poe for instance. But I admit I can't readily come up with any mathemeticians who shared the past-time :).

    Addressing Cosmo16's mention of Brave New World, hedweb has an excellent series of essays on why abolitionism (as in abolishing sentient suffering, not slavery, except in reference to our state of enslavement by evolved systems of control) through chemical/bioengineering/nanotechnological means doesn't have to end up at all like that.
    check them out here: http://www.huxley.net/ .

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