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Optical Character Recognition using Neural network

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    Hey all, does anyone know a link where I can find a c# implementation of a neural net that does OCR WITHOUT using libraries, I feel that OCR is a nice way to learn how neural nets classify data. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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    If you know of open source code which uses libraries, the libraries are probably open source too.
    You could extract the relevent functions as source and implement/extend as necessary for your project without needing to call the original library.
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    Then I would have to decompile it, also they are probably alot more complicated that ones I could find online.
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    If the libraries are open source you don't have to decompile them.
    You have the source as-is. and can take whichever routines you need and adapt them as required for your own project.
    It's generally considered to be the honorable thing to do though to mention that some of your code is derived/inspired by <whatever>.
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    If you want to see how neural net classify data, then begin to write a neural net by yourself. It's not realy hard but very instructive. I think that you must use 2D data so you can see the classification on a plot.
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