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Optical modulator wavelength dependency

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    What is the effect of using other than 1550nm light with an (LiNbO3, lithium niobate) electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulator?

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    "The LN05S intensity modulator with external DC bias is a high-performance 40 GHz (40 Gb/s) modulator that has a single-ended drive configuration with a fixed chirp coefficient of ±0.7 and an industry-leading low RF drive voltage (5.5 V). The LN05S has a Mach-Zehnder interferometric architecture with external DC bias, ideal for both NRZ and RZ data format solutions.

    Note: The modulators are designed for use in the 1550 nm window. Using the modulators at another wavelength (e.g., visible light) may cause a temporary increase in loss that is not covered under warranty. For instance, the increase in loss caused by shorter wavelengths can be reversed by heating a modulator to 50 °C for an hour."

    A different manufacturer claims: Wavelength dependent loss 1520-1620 nm = <1dB
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