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I Optical Phenomena

  1. Jan 4, 2017 #1
    What are the key elements for an optical phenomenon and what are the underlying basic assumptions? Example: the key elements of flight are lift, drag, thrust and weight/gravity. Also would you please recommend resources I could use to find other people that would be interested in this topic?
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    What exactly do you mean by "optical phenomenon?"

    From what I understand of your question, my answer would be that the key elements are light-matter interactions.
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    I guess when i say "optical phenomenon" an "object" that you see that isn't really there. Atmospheric optical phenomenon (rainbow or mirage), Optical effects (aura/halo) or Iridescence(goniochromism)?
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    OK, so have you researched on how a rainbow is formed, or a sun halo, or a mirage ?

    there's masses of info available out there
    do some reading and then come back with questions on any thing you don't understand :smile:

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    I guess that been my issue. There is so much information out there but nothing that is as specific as I am looking for. If i wanted to create a mirage in my living room is that even possible and what elements would i need to make it possible?

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    OK so google How does a mirage form ?

    look at those conditions needed and then decide if it is possible or practical to be able to reproduce those conditions inside at home
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    I get the impression that you want to jump into this subject right in the middle without getting to know the basics. There are many ad hoc answers available on the Web for that sort of question but they may well not help you understanding of the real principles involved. There is no easy way into Science.
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