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Orbits in strongly curved spacetime

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    Came across some interesting animations here...test particle orbiting a black hole:

    Orbits in strongly curved spacetime

    The precession advance of Mercury [which helped confirm Einstein's theory] is described under .......

    The Gravitational Effective-Potential

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    I learned a lot from looking at the source code for that program, but was not happy with the "gravity well" animation because AIUI that should be a spacelike surface . . .
    Here is a similar but more advanced program, again with source available:
    GROrbits can also simulate light trajectories and those for black holes spinning in the equatorial plane.
    I use it as a check for my 4D geodesic simulations.
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    Hmm, quite pretty, but a little too read-only for my tastes, not sure how I can learn very much from that.
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