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Orcad / Pspice / ABM simulation of mathemathical equation

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    Hallo, I Need to know how is possible to simulate in OrCad Pspice this mathemathical equation. This will be my reference waveform and later I will design my own electrical circuit to be as Close as is possible mathemathical equation. I have Problem how to design time dependant current Output. Use some RC part and Integrator or do you have any idea please? Thanks a lot.

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    SPICE is not a general purpose math solver - it's specifically tailored to circuits in their most common "Lumped Model" forms.

    So do add non-standard or arbitrary math into a circuit element you have to play some games:

    1. Use a SPICE that allows behavioral models
    2. Find a way to shoe-horn the equation into a standard lumped model (e.g. you can do mechanical lumped models as lumped electrical models with the proper conversion factors).
    3. Implement the equation using polynomial resistors and dependent sources
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