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Organic Chem Drugs and Med Experiments

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    I am supposed to design 2 experiments for my senior year Chem class.

    Right now I cannot think of anything that is interesting, relatively advanced but at the same time at a high school level (its only a design lab so I can include advanced equipments).

    Topics that interest me the most:
    Organic Chem
    Drugs and Med

    Experiments I have thought off.

    Extracting caffeine from coffee:
    I found information online but I could not understand the chemistry behind it.

    Doing experiment with pills dissolving:
    Thought about it a bit not a very practical or useful experiment

    Now I am stuck and need ideas that I can expand on.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Experiment

    If you are interested in purifying cool organic substances from somewhat ordinary material, there is a great protocol online for purifying the active ingredient of catnip. The protocol is a very entertaining read that also tries to explain the importance of each step (and could even help you understand the extraction of caffeine since it uses some of the same techniques).

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    Re: Experiment

    Quite the opposite, speed at which pills dissolve is one of the most important factors responsible for speed at which medication is adsorbed. Think about all these 'retartded' drugs that work for 12 hours, or all these drugs that dissolve not in stomach but in intestines. There is very interesting and clever chemistry behind these ideas.
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    Re: Experiment

    Ya but I dont think I could explain the chemistry at a highschool level.
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    Re: Experiment

    At least some for sure. Besides, you don't HAVE to limit yourself to the chemistry you know, you can always learn something new.
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    Re: Experiment

    Ya I talked to my teacher and apparantly all the experiments talked about here are not really the type of experiments we need since there are no relationships or something being figured out.
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