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Homework Help: Oscilloscope, bread board set up, measuring phase / gain etc.

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    I've been having trouble setting up an oscilloscope, with a AC voltage supply, to a breadbox, with a "black box" in the circuit. the black box is just a set of 3 pairs of terminals, each a "unknown component" such as a diode, capacitor, resistor, etc.

    Basically I need to figure out how to properly construct the circuit to obtain values for phase, peak-peak voltage, etc using the oscilloscope, which would then allow me to determine the components. (Where to plug things in, such as the Ch.1 / Ch.2 of the oscilloscope, and the output of the AC voltage, with the board and the box.)

    I was wondering if anyone has a diagram, or picture of such a set up that could help me, my attempts have been fairly basic, and encounter problems such as the grounding?

    Thanks :smile:
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    Welcome to the PF.

    So can you say more about these black boxes? Are the 3 contacts basically the input, ground and output? And you are tasked with determining the transfer function Vout/Vin, and modeling it with discrete components?

    Except for the diodes part, this is what the transfer function measurement does with impedance analyzers like the HP 4194. It has a swept AC excitation source, and a monitoring port that measures the transfer function (amplitude and phase) versus frequency. That is basically what you need to do manually with your signal generator and oscilloscope.
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    Thanks for the replies,

    The black box is just basic 2 terminals for each component, and yes I have to measure the gain (Vout/Vin) of the voltage drop over each unknown component, and other things such as phase. I understand what to expect from each component, however my problem lies in the actual set-up of the osscilloscope / AC generator / black box system,

    I'll attach some pictures to show what I think I'll have to do, maybe someone can confirm the diagram is correct? Like I said, I understand what to expect from theory, it's just how to set-up the equipment with one another is my problem,

    EDIT: Also, maybe if someone can clarify the exact purpose of the extra resistor, which would help a lot

    Thanks again,

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