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Other methods of inquiry?

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    In some literature, I have come across statements that suggest that there are other types of inquiry besides scientific. I was wondering if someone could provide examples of other types (categories or classes) of inquiry and explain whether or not they are rooted in reason like scientific inquiry. Links would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Your question contains its own answer.

    What is the difference between a question and a statement? Attitude, something science most certainly has not cornered the market in. Sincere questions are accepting, without expectations or anticipations. When my child asks why the sky is blue, they do not demand answers from me.

    This is not the same as striving for scientific objectivity, although it is related. Exploring one's own feelings, or creativity is impossible to do objectively. At some point, one must distinguish between art and science, the personal and the impersonal. Of course, whether you value your own feelings and creativity is another point altogether.

    Lateral thinking, creative thinking, introspection, etc. have been studied scientifically, but certainly are not the same as scientific inquiry.
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    In the end its not about methods, but of standards.
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