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Others: let you be the judge

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    How many times have you found yourself silently blaming, labeling or demeaning a total stranger whom either you pass on the street or otherwise not had the opportunity to "walk a mile in his/her moccasins"? Is it natural or ethical to suspect those to whom we are unaccustomed? (Kinda reminds me of the Billy Joel song Stranger.) Can we acknowledge all those we glance, or are fleeting relationships as a whole doomed by paranoia to the entropy of the social ashbin, especially now online?

    Quite frankly, I can barely keep up with the few threads, let alone posters, I participate with at PF. I believe that many of us have wildly incorrect assumptions about other members. Let this thread be devoted to debunking and reconciling the personal theories that we have constructed about each other at Physics Forums. For instance:

    I often seem ignorant of physics. This is primarily due to my love of speculation, or as one poster put it, I attempt to "think outside the box." (My website, below, is an example of my hubris.) My physics is spotty, having fully pursued it last when I obtained my Master's degree, almost 20 years ago. I now enjoy more the social side of life, although hampered by my "hunt and peck" typing and occasional difficulty reading the monitor. While writing, I obsessively proofread mi werk.

    - Loren
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    That looks like a really cool site, Loren. I'll try to check it out when the others are off-line.
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