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Ottawa (Canada) Region for Physics

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    I currently live in Montreal, QC, Canada and I have been looking in both Carleton U and Ottawa U's Physics Programs and ended up applying. I'm coming from the Quebec educational background (we only have 5 years of High School then "Cegep" between it and University) where I studied Computer Science (ie. not many science classes, mostly programming, and some math). I know that Grade 12 in Ontario is where most of the pre-req science classes are taken for people aiming for a science degree in University. I have a few question though (if you either have a similar background to mine, or might know it somehow)

    First, if you go to either of those universities, would you recommend it? and from what you know, how does it compare to the other one? (ie. Ottawa VS Carleton) - I know they're sharing the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics so I'm expecting both schools to have similar resources for students?

    Secondly (and probably most likely to be answered by Admission, whenever they get back from the long Easter weekend) how likely is it for someone with a background similar to mine (I should add that I did take 1 Linear Algebra class, 2 Calculus classes and 2 Physics classes) to get in? My time studying Computer Science surely gave me problem solving skills but if I were to apply to Physics in a university here, I'd also need some chemistry and biology classes to get in.

    Thanks a lot! I know the second question probably won't be answered here since it's a pretty specific situation and chances that someone that lived something similar actually reads this are pretty low; but I thought I'd ask anyways!

    - Alex
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