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Outcomes of super extreme pressures

  1. Sep 28, 2011 #1
    Hello, I wanted to ask a theoretical question concerning something I was discussing with friends off-hand. If a persons skin could take a blow of force that equeled (a sharp point, lets say a knife edge) 3x the Earths core pressure in "bar" or "pascals", something in the millions-billions without their skin being damaged, deforming etc and them simply stumbling as if punched normally.

    What would be all the physcial ramifications of this? what energy processes without changing the above example would be in effect? for example would their skin have to be super dense not to break? resistant to heat from frictions of those pressures?

    This is not a trick question as I do not know the answers to these questions but I was hoping someone who understands this science could extrapolite on what this would mean to this person if their body could take such force and still stand without much harm.

    On a larger scale, assuming for the area of say 1 square mm they could take the above pressure of 3x earth core pressure (9 million bar+) then take the theory that they could take 10x+ the pressure at the core of the sun on their skin without it deforming or breaking, how would this affect their physiology? their energy? etc

    I apologise in advance if theorised questions like this are not allowed, I may not have understood the rules.
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    Your question is...nonsensical? It would require multiple violations of the laws of science, which are based on observations of the real world. How can we answer that in a realistic way if you have already violated physics? It seems that this person would have to be made of diamond and have about 5,000 kg of mass to avoid getting knocked over, and as such, wouldn't really be a person. (Not a real answer, but you get my point?)
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    My question is that if we assumed the factors I outlined were true, what would be variables relevent to the person/being/superman whoever it is scientifically that they would have resemble/stresses they would be under etc, how energy would be working on their body.

    Your answers such as having to be made of diamond, 5k kg of mass etc sound like what I am looking for, I am also curious about how this pressure of millions-billions of bar would create heat from friction on this persons body? would this also mean they would be under intense heat? would their particles have to be super dense? etc

    Although the actual entity that I describe is impossible, physics would still have influences on it, I am wondering about heat, molecules/particles of its body etc. Its mass and material it may be made off may also be relevent although what if the entities body was not diamond but skin, a skin that has somehow the property to absorb/survive this kind of ridiculous pressure surely there are scientific circumstances that I myself cannot understand but people here may do assuming the constants I outlined were true.
  5. Sep 29, 2011 #4
    Well, it could depend on the area. If the force is focused on an extraordinarily tiny area, I wouldn't be surprised if it punched a hole. However, since it is focused on the tiny area, it should have no effect on the rest of the body. It's like smashing someone with a hammer. Whacking someone in the foot doesn't harm the rest of the body, unless something else causes it, like falling.

    If you are talking about something the width of a bullet, that would probably kill you if placed in certain locations, like the heart or head area.

    It basically depends on where the pressure is located and how big of an area the force is applied to. It will probably be painful, though, until you die if it is in a certain spot.
  6. Sep 29, 2011 #5
    If I understand correctly, you are asking what kind of physiology would be required to survive high pressures without significant damage. The answer would be physiology similar to armor which is designed to withstand pressure of impact, although some armor is designed to reduce pressure instead of withstand it.
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    Not only that, but also I am interested in an extrapolation of all the forces that would be in effect concerning heat especially from millions of bar of force in an area the size of a knife edge. Lets say for arguments sake, a square millimeter and around 9 million bar, a figuire of pressure equel to 3x the earths core pressure in this tiny area. I wonder, would someone being struck by a knife with this much pressure be burned? would heat be a factor? assuming they took the actual pressure itself, would their skin be burned, would it create a huge amount of heat from friction?

    Is it possible to calculate this heat if its the case?
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