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Outputting Voltages to a Computer

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    First off, I had no idea in which subforum to post this, so moderators feel free to move this if appropriate.

    I have an old oxygen sensor (electrode) which outputs a DC voltage ranging from 1-5 V which has no interface to a computer. So I was wondering if something like this- http://www.dataq.com/products/startkit/di148.htm - would work for outputting the voltage to a computer.

    Thanks for any help as I have no experience in things like this.
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    This analog to digital converter should work fine. Are you looking to just read the data or bring it into a program? If you are only looking to view the data and maybe log it then this should work fine. I didn't look to deeply into the software it comes with but you will be able to read the data. If you have any knowledge of microcontrollers it would be cheaper to use the built in analog to digital converter then communicate the data to the computer using the serial port. Then the data could be used in real time with a program you write.
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    According to the data sheet, it should work fine. Another low cost unit you should look at is the http://labjack.com/index.php" [Broken]. I think it might be easier for someone just getting started.
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    Thanks both of you for your help. I just wanted to make sure I was looking at the right type of product before buying something. All I want to do is read the data and be able to record it eventually with something like Excel.
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