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Outside of time and space?

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    if such a place exists how would someone reach "outside of time and space"? and what would be there when you arrive?
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    If the universe is everything that there is, how can there be anything outside it?
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    It is generally acknowledged that the universe includes everything, as Russ noted. Any vantage point, by definition, must be within the universe. It's sort of like asking about the odor, taste, or color of a musical note.
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    I persoanlly find these answers usatisfying. They are simply semantic, of course if you define the universe as all there is then there is nothing else. But all that tells you about is your own dictionary.
    There are many ways to define the word universe, one might mean the observable universe. i doubt anyone thinks that unvierse ends there. Others ,for example those favour the eternal inflation model, propose our universe is a bubble in a see of inflating space which contains other bubble universes. We might also consider temporal boundaries too. Was there a universe before ours? Many theories such as Loop quantum gravity suggest so.
    But the truth is nobody knows the answer to these questions. The problem is there are two horizons that we cant see beyond. The first is our spaital horizon, the maximum distance we can see, limited by the speed of light and time since our our temporal horizon; light cant travel beyon the time the CMB was emitted about 400 thousand years after the big bang.
    Now there is sime hope though, it may be possible to detect what happened - if anything - before the big bang via observing primoridal gravitational waves either directly from some (probably far) future gravity wave observatory such as the big bang observer or indirectly though how it imprints on the CMB. Also some have argued that if the eternal inflation picture is right we might see traces of it in the CMB too.
    None of these observations have happened and they might never happen, so right now no one knows what lies beyond our horizons.
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    One should say "observable universe" then.
    Assuming continued expansion and no FTL travel, we cannot reach anything outside the observable universe (actually, the accessible region is much smaller than the observable universe).
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    I'm not sure..
    because when we die.. where does our conscious mind go? does everything just go eternally pitch black?
    or is there some form of higher existance?
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    This kind of nonsense is personal speculation and according to the rules does not belong on this forum. There ARE forums where you can discuss such non-scientific theories but this is not one of them.
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    oops! :O sorry
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