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News Owning arms

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    Does America have the right to demand that countries presently lacking in nuclear arms do not take measures to become nuclear arms equipped?
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    Who ****ing Cares About What Bunch Of Psychopaths Think?
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    Nope. Doesn't mean that I cherish the idea of giving nukes to terrorists etc., but rather that lost some of the naivety towards the actions and policies of the US.
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    It depends on the country. If we're talking countries like Iran and North Korea, that have attempted in the past to conquer their neighbors, then I'd say their neighbors certainly have the right to demand that they not acquire nuclear weapons. Since these neighbors can't do a damn thing about it themselves, the US feels that it should, since it has some interest in these matters as well. Any nation has the right to demand that its best interest be taken care of. By the same token, Iran and North Korea have the right to demand nuclear weapons; they'll be a lot more powerful with them than without them.
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    nobody respects usa, other nations are only afraid of some stupid reaction of white house.that is why everyone suddenly is developing nukes=self defense against idiots.usa/israel deserves to be wiped out from the face of this planet.
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    why does usa/israel deserve to be wiped out ?
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    Yes, if the country in question has signed the NPT and maybe if the country (as said above) has demonstrated that it can't be trusted.
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    Let's refrain from derogatory remarks of this nature. Let's not bring the discussion down to such a low level.
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    Aside from who should have arms and who should determine who should have arms (ie "threatening" is in the eyes of the beholder, and those making the determination may be bullies themselves), all the regulation, treaties, etc. cannot change that, as they say, the cat's out of the bag.
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    I agree with Russ. I also think, to avoid hypocracy, everyone should take measures to unarm themselves of nuclear weapons. If everyone is so afraid of everyone one that has nuclear weapons; why not then take steps so no one has them?
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    Yes, because Iran, North Korea, and others signed the NPT, they currently have an obligation to not acquire Nuclear Weapons. However, under Article VI we currently have a right to disarm, we're not doing that, neither is anybody really. I think other countries do have some legitimate grounds to call the treaty void, or at least hold the P5 in violation, however, as that hasn't happened and they are signatories we do have the right to demand that they not acqire Nuclear Weapons.

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    Well, it does make sense. Could someone refresh my memory as to what NPT stands for?
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    NonProliferation (of nuclear weapons) Treaty...

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    Ah Ha! Thank you Daniel...:smile: I think we were talking about that last week. It would probably be best if no one had this kind of munnition...the problem is how do you get everyone to relinquish their arsenal?
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    I frankly doubt there's a way.Even though you destroy the ogives,but you still get to keep the "intelligence" and the capabilities.They're here to stay,just like CO_{2} and the greenhouse effect...

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    Unfortunately that is true.
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    If those countries signed the NUclear Nonproliferation Treaty, then yes.

    When will people like you and spender actually bother to learn history?
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    for you morons that don't know your history or international treaties, and insist on bashing us for acting fully within our rights under international treaties.
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    How many treaties USA took for granted ? many, and what ?
    But you want to invade Iran for just building one civilian reactor ?
    How about Israel and their stockpile of nukes ? of course they need them to defend themselfs against evil arabs. :wink:
    USA should start demanding first that Israel stops building nukes and only then talk to Iran or N.Korea.
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    They can't do that,because they're offering "intelligence" and making good money outta it...:wink:

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