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Oxygen energy levels and resonant wavelengths?

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    How many energy levels the oxygen atom have?

    What energy (in eV) is required to get to each level.

    From my research i have only been able to find the first two levels, the first of which is a forbidden level.

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    I am not sure exactly what you mean (sorry), does this information help at all?

    The electron configuration of oxygen (O) is, 1s2 2s2 2p4

    The K edge is at 543.1 eV
    The L1 edge is at 41.6 eV
    The L2 edge is at 18.2 eV
    The L3 edge is at 18.2 eV

    If you refer rather to the energy levels of [tex]O_{2}[/tex] then I don't know anything, sorry!

    Edit: I re-read your post; you said O atom clearly so hopefully this helps.
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    I'm talking about the electron energy levels when a photon is absorbed.

    Does anyone know what they are or where I can find information on them?
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