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Homework Help: Parabolic Motion, *throw a ball with velocity at angle 45 6.2m above ground

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    Jimmy tosses a ball with a velocity of 15m/s at 45degrees to the horizontal from a hill
    6.2metres above ground.
    -time of flight
    -horizontal range
    -maximum height
    -speed of the ball when its 3m below the hill
    -angle at which ball hits ground

    Thx alot, ANY help would be appreciated.
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    u should be able to develop a set of equations with your maths..
    Umm... making use of uniform accelerated equations such as
    v^2-u^2 =2as
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    you could find range with R=1/16(Initial velocity)2sin(angle)cos(angle)
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    Split that into vertical and horizontal components(this is always constant).
    Use the kinematics equations and consider vertical and horizontal motion.
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