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B Parallel magnet B-field strength

  1. Jul 21, 2017 #1
    , simple, Now I wonder what happens, I have a say speaker magnet or more precisely only the metal end plates that direct the b field lines or any other metal plate designed to guide a b field into a gap of sorts.
    Say I now apply a permanent neodymium magnet which has a magnetic field strength of say 1T.
    I then take one more such magnet like the one before with the same parameters and place on the existing one, what happens to the b field strength in the gap, does it doubles?
    I kind of want to think that it should but i'm not really sure,

    or for example someone who is building a cyclotron considers using a magnet of certain strength for the b field, an electromagnet but we know that unless cooled to superconducting phase a copper coil electromagnet will have a resistance and with large amperage running through it for a high b field strength will consume lots of power, now what would happen if he needed say a 1.6T b field but got a 1T permanent magnet, could the permanent magnet be added with a smaller electromagnet which together with the permanent magnet would create the necessary field strength in which case the electromagnet could be smaller and consume less energy?

    The values mentioned are only theoretical and for the sake of the argument.

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    Sounds like a useful google search exercise. Search terms: particle accelerator permanent magnet.
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    You are right although that particular search phrase wasnt too good i concluded that two identical magnets put properly together create nearly double the field strength but i assume that there are some loses as one would put more and more magnets together the space between them increases and so eventually the field would reach a maximum after which it could no longer increase right? Otherwise we could have an infinite length of magnets stacked together withan infinite field strength at ends? Surely doesnt sound right
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