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Parameter determination permanent split capacitor motor

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    Magnetic saturation seems to have a lot of influence on parameter behavior during load test on permanent split capacitor motors. Is there a method to integrate saturation in the equivalent circuit calculations . Is this possible when one uses the classical tests DC-test, Blocked rotor test, no load test, and determination of naux/nmain to estimate the circuit parameters. Thanks for any info or links Gilver
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    Is this a symmetric reversible 3-terminal permanent split capacitor motor, with the same gauge wire and # of turns on both legs? By "DC" to you mean "static" load? Does the capacitor have different values for specific applications, or for 50 Hz/60 Hz?
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    Hey Bob S
    Thanks for the reply

    The single phase motor isn't a symmetrical one, the main and the aux have different impedance. There are four connections. The capacitor is adjusted for a specific working point;

    DC-test put a dc -sopurce to the main (aux) and measure the curent. Then you can calculate the DC resistance. afterwards you have to correct it for the working temperature

    My question concerns how can I put saturation effect in my equivalent circuit if the motor is connected as an permanent split capacitor motor, or an capacitor run motor
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