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Paranormal physics?

  1. Oct 4, 2014 #1
    Ok, I know first hand what usually happens when someone throws out the word 'paranormal'. But the thing is, I feel there is something happening there. That somehow some anomaly either in the world or our brains is occurring, and frankly I feel it has more to do with the world. However, and I stress this, I don't believe in 'ghosts'. I believe there is enough room out there for all sorts of phenomenon that do not include dead people.

    So since I imagine that the chances for getting paid for any work in this field are...slim, I was wondering how far a self employed hopeful physicist should go. Should I just get enough academically to be able to work the problems, or should I try for a phd that I probably won't be able to use professionally? Oh, and all the while being 30 in a few days. Heck of an intro post I know, but not sure where else I can really ask this sort of question.
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    Might I suggest psychology? There you could study the reason people believe paranormal exists and the effects it may have on someone's thoughts and emotions? I doubt as a physicists anyone would take you seriously, nor would there be funding for such a thing.
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    I agree with TheKracken. Since there are just about no credible scientific studies involving physicists revolving around "paranormal" activity I'd recommend you study why people believe in such things in the first place.
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    There was some confusion about why this thread was locked. PF rules don't allow for discussion about paranormal subjects, so this thread should have ended after Greg's post. Terra, I highly recommend you follow Greg's advice so that you don't end up wasting a significant amount of time "chasing ghosts" in a futile attempt to find and explain these phenomena.
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