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Paratrooper Ride from an engineering perspective

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    I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight into how a paratrooper fair ride works from a science/engineering view.
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    Do you have a better description of the ride? I'm not sure which kind you're talking about...
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    So what do you want to know about it? It's a relatively simple ride: it spins, the cars lean outwards at an angle based on the speed at which it spins. A little vector addition will tell you what angle the cars will lean at based on the angular velocity of the wheel and the radius the cars are located at (keep in mind, you're interested in the radius to the center of mass of the cars, which will change as they spin outwards).

    As for operating specs and stuff, you need to talk to a manufacturer of these ride. I don't have a universal manual for operating specifications of fair rides.

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    i think i can help you

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    I work for a company that owns a paratrooper ride. If you want specific information about the ride check with Dartron Industries. However, I have been searching for technical information myself because our manuals & other documentation are incomplete.(The model we have is a 1974) I can tell you it was manufactured by Hrubetz which was later bought out by Dartron. And if you look further you will find that ride manufacturer websites are more geared toward selling rides than providing information about them. If you have any more luck finding technical specs, please let me know where you find them.
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    Ranger Mike

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    cadence.. 5 mile run..82nd Airborne Division
    what is a Paratrooper ride?

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