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Medical Parents Warned About Mail Order Chicken Pox Lollipops

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    This is crazy, people would rather risk giving their children chicken pox than a vaccine. This all stems from that bogus vaccine causes autism garbage.

    And now people would actually buy dirty lolipops?

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    So dumb people have found a new way to remove themselves from the gene pool. What's bad about that? :approve:

    (Chicken pox doesn't kill many people, but IIRC one of its side-effects is sterlity.)
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    Loss of gene pool diversity is bad too. Consider hybrid vigour and inbreeding:)
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    May I ask if instead there was an outbreak of smallpox and a ready supply of lollipops licked by milkmaids infected with cowpox was avaliable, would you lick one? No, not the milkmaid. I mean the lollipop.

    Actually, I don't think the virus would survive on a lollipop but I'm not sure so would lick it up in desperation anyway.
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    I would get a smallpox vaccination and not risk it.
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    Just sayin.

    Seriously. Wouldn't this be something that Homeland Security would want to look into?
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    Seems the lollipop thing is similar to a "pox party" where parents would intentially infect their children with the virus because the virus is less virulent in children than adults. So they're not looking to immunize their children with the lollipop but rather infect them (and by so doing obtain immunity from future exposures) so that they won't be succeptable to it later when it can cause more problems.

    Surely it's better to get a vaccine but if none were available, I'm a little sympathetic to this approach.
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    That's not the case anywhere in the US, as far as I know.
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    I totally agree that the lollipop idea is really backward. On the other hand, childhood chicken pox is not dangerous right? In the Netherlands it is not part of the vaccine program and about 90% of children get the disease at a young age, only adults that haven't had the disease as a child are vaccinated when there is a special indication like chemotherapy treatment.

    The US does vaccinate on a large scale, I wonder whether the cost of the vaccination program outweighs the benefit?
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