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Partial derivative question

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    Wolfram is giving me the required answer however, the steps it uses I find very confusing. Can anyone share some light on how wolfram achieved the correct answer.

    As im new to this site, I wont be using any code. I am in the process of writing it up on Latex.

    Here is the link for wolframs partial derivative widget

    http://www.wolframalpha.com/widget/...tep solution&showAssumptions=1&showWarnings=1

    However it keeps changing my function, if the exponential appears on the bottom, can you please use this function

    (((1)\(y)^(0.5))))(e^((-x^2-4y^2)\(4y))) WITH RESPECT TO Y

    Thankyou everyone, it might seem like an elementary question. The bit I don't understand though is where it says factor out the constants. Its not the factor out the constants but, but the differentiation inside that subsection. That's my main problem
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    What does the expression above have to do with the one you entered into Wolframalpha?
    The function you entered into WA was
    $$ \frac{\sqrt{x}}{e^{\sqrt{x}(y^2 + 4x^2)}}$$

    Which one are you asking about?

    If it's this one -- (((1)\(y)^(0.5))))(e^((-x^2-4y^2)\(4y))) -- the problem we most often run into is the OP using too few parentheses. Here you are using way too many, which makes what you wrote difficult to read.

    In a simpler form, it would be (1/y.5)e((-x2 - 4y2)/(4y)

    LaTeX can be used for complicated expressions, as below:
    $$ \frac{1}{y^{1/2}}e^{\frac{-x^2 - 4y^2}{4y}}$$

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