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Particle Physicist?

  1. Dec 8, 2011 #1

    I'm currently a Junior, undergraduate Nuclear and Radiology Engineering major at Georgia Tech, and I'm wondering about what comes after graduation~

    I was originally thinking about going into grad school and doing Fusion research, but the past few months I've been more and more interested in particle physics;

    My adviser told me it is possible to go into grad school for physics with an NRE degree (if I study my arse off for the GRE, that is), but I'm wanting to know if that's correct/actually doable.

    I've just about finished term one of Quantum Mechanics in addition to my regular NRE courses, and I'm signed up for Quantum II in the spring~
    I've also been taking Mathematical Physics, which while not really teaching any physics has been teaching me the more in-depth mathematics that i haven't really used in my engineering courses.

    So...is it doable to go into grad school for particle physics with an NRE degree, and if so are there any specific supplement classes I should take in addition to Quantum?
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    Vanadium 50

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    In order,

    0) Quantum (already being done)
    1) Undergrad E&M
    2) Classical mechanics
    3) Statistical mechanics
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    Thanks much! =D
    I'm trying to get into Emag next term, so then just the last two to add~
    woohoo, that was less classes than I would have thought~
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