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Particle Trapping

  1. Jul 5, 2008 #1
    I don't know which sub forum is appropriate for my question, but here it is.

    My research involves trapping particles, which I have done. But my AC source, which supplies an AC to a central ring electrode to radially stabilize the particle, has burned up (7-3-08.

    The only instruments I have found so far can give me the AC voltage ranges and frequencies w/ no or little current I need are AC Calibrators. These things are quite expense... even when refurbished. We actually had an AC calibrator sent off, but it would be faster just to buy something and overnight it.

    I don't need the precision of the AC Calibrator, since it will not be used to take measurements.
    Yet, the low end AC power sources have noticeable currents along with these voltages, which is a risk to me and other equipment.

    Keywords I have used are: AC Source, AC Power Supply, AC Voltage Supply, AC Power Source

    First question is have you came a across simple AC sources that produce up to 1,300 Vac RMS and 1 khz at little current levels? Is there a particular manufacturer or keyword I should be using in my search?

    The device that burned up it's resistors was built by a electrician who never made a schematic. However, he's been really busy and has like selective hearing (I had to wait weeks for him to make HV cables. While he thought it out, they actually had the cable on hand) and he doesn't have HV Equipment (for some reason) to perform the maintence.

    Question on that is should I ask him to fix it or take it to someone else, b/c I haven't been able to find the transformer's and frequency drivers to provide the range of 0-2000 Vac RMS and 0 to 1 kHz, to make a newer design.
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    When you say trapping particles do you mean the experiment where you trap electrons in a 2D plane?
  4. Jul 6, 2008 #3
    No, I am talking particulates like powders. I have suspended Alumina Powder. I need to suspend a particle and I use light scattering to take my measurements. I do not want to reveal the exact nature of my research b/c someone who will read this post might take my ideas and publish the work before I do.
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    If you haven't been able to find the stuff you need to fix it it would be best to take it to the electrician who made it.
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