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Particular material that becomes strained under electrostatic

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    I am currently looking for a particular material that becomes strained under electrostatic or magnetic fields. I am new to the world of solid state physics and I was interested on doing a research project on the studies of the electrostriction effect.

    Thank You
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    Re: Electrostriction

    Have you looked into piezoelectric material?

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    Re: Electrostriction

    Yes I have, I'm sorry if I wasn't specific. I was looking for a material that was not a crystal like structure, but more of an organic polymer.
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    Re: Electrostriction

    I also realized, that none crystal like structures are not under the branch of solid state physics. To be extremely specific I'm looking for a polymer that can be looped, and when an electrostatic field is passed through it, the loop will shrink. Sorry if I'm being dumb, thanks for the replies.
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    Re: Electrostriction

    Try PVDF. It's a piezoelectric polymer (polyvinylidene fluoride). And organic, I suppose.
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    Re: Electrostriction

    Sorry, i havent found one yet... :-)

    http://happycalmfocused.com/resources/bsr-review.php" [Broken]
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