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News Pat Robertson is a heartless lunatic.

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    I can't believe that this imbecile would say something like this after such a tragedy. I wish I had the resources to ship him off into space and rid this planet of his moronic outbursts.
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    That's his job.

    10 SAY $something really stupid
    30 $something really stupid ++
    40 goto 10
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    Dembadon, this is how he makes news. Every time we have a national disaster of some sort, he blames it on the victims, and thus makes headlines. Just look at what he said about Hurricane Katrina. The man's an attention hog.
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    I don't know how you arrived at him being heartless considering that quote comes from a speech where he is asking people to pray and send relief support to Haiti, and his ministry runs orphanages, clinics etc. in Haiti....
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    I don't care what his "ministry" does; it doesn't justify blaming a tragedy of this magnitude on the people to whom it happened.
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    I see a common theme, here. New Orleans used to belong to the French. In fact, the revolution in Haiti (plus Pierre LaPlace's inept administration) contributed to the French losing heart in the entire idea of the New World.

    Likewise, Bob Ney (R-OH) renamed French Fries to Freedom Fries and subsequently pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and making false statements in relation to the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal.

    Walter Jones (R-NC) was also involved in renaming French Fries to Freedom Fries, but, since Ney's bad karma, has gone from having one of the most conservative voting records of any Republican to having one of the most liberal voting records of any Republican.

    I think it's clear that Pat Robertson is secretly a French sympathizer.
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