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PDE Conditions For Uniqueness

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    Consider the PDE
    with the boundary conditions
    where $k$ is a constant given by $k=U_{0}(x_{0}-y_{0})^{3}$. $x_{0}$, $y_{0}$ and $U(x_{0},y_{0})=U_{0}$ are known. The solution for the PDE is given by
    U(x,y)=(x-y)^{5}\frac{\partial ^{4}}{\partial x^{2}\partial y^{2}}\left(\frac{f(x)-g(y)}{x-y}\right)
    After some simplifications I get
    where $f(x)$ and $g(y)$ are to be determined. I am looking for conditions that ensure uniqueness for the solution of this PDE. Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Abiyo

    p.s I tried the following approach but it didn't work.
    $$ There are six unknowns $f(x_{0}),f'(x_{0}),f''(x_{0}),g(x_{0}),g'(x_{0})$ and $g''(y_{0})$. Assume $5$ values and the sixth one is determined. From there I proceed to find two ODEs and can find a solution to the PDE. The solution depends on my choice of these constants and hence I am looking for a constraint on this constants.
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